Networking – Connecting with your Community and Diocese

Workshop Description

Why is networking vital in growing a healthy and sustainable youth ministry. It is important in finding inspiration, being held accountable, forming teams, and raising the village to impact our kids. Some examples of important Networking areas that will be addressed are of course the Parish community, the broader Catholic Community, the Broader Christian Community, the Broader Youth Worker community and the non-gathered communities on Social Media. We will look at how to start? What are the stages of Networking and how to sift the wheat from the chaff (i.e. how to discern positive networks vs ones that sap your energy and resources)

Speaker Bio

Fr Michael Therese is from San Jose, California and is currently a Parish Priest in Christchurch, NZ. He has spent 16 years working in University Ministry and has been a religious for 23 years. Some fun facts are that he wrestled in high school, have spent time in around 30 countries and almost all 50 States in the USA, and taught Philosophy at the university for a while.

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