Moving with the Times – Relating to Young People through Mainstream Waves

Workshop Description

This workshop hopes to empower and enhance the relational skills you already have, and/ or is currently acquiring. This workshop will highlight how and why we should tap in to ‘move with the times’, and the importance of meeting our young people where they are in terms of ever-changing trends, lingos, social platforms, and music; using it to our advantage as a momentous key relational ministry skill.

Speaker Bio

Melevesi Manase is currently serving in her second year of mission in the Christchurch Diocese of New Zealand in the Mission Team. She is of Tongan descent and was brought up in the humble streets of “LA (Lower Auckland).” Melevesi comes from a humble family of 8 and studied at the Catholic Discipleship College in 2018 before moving on to Moission Team in 2019 and 2020, after she graduated from high school. She has been involved in youth ministry for over 5 years and a recent convert to Catholicism in 2018. Melevesi has a thriving passion for youth work and loves being able to provide platforms for young people to encounter Jesus.

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