Mission and Vision

Workshop Description

Is there a difference between Vision and Mission? What is the purpose of Vision and Mission Statements? How can we utilise Vision and Mission in our ministry with young people? This workshop looks at how we can apply the Vision and Mission of our parishes (and Church) to our ministry with young people. By creating (or adapting) our Mission and Vision, and keeping them in the forefront of our minds during ministry, we allow them to shape our goals and objectives. This, in turn, helps us to more effectively align our desires with our peers, engage with young people, and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, “bear fruit that will last.”

Speaker Bio

Fr. Alister is a diocesan priest for the Christchurch Diocese, and still holds on to the title of “NZ’s Youngest Priest.” Having a passion for Youth Ministry, he was involved with numerous youth events before being ordained, and now as a priest, continues to participate—from saying Mass to keynote speaking—in youth events across the country. One of the greatest blessings he has experienced as a priest is that he is able to “bring the great gifts of the Sacraments to young people, and allow them to encounter Christ in that special way.”


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