Music Ministry to Worship Ministry

Workshop Description

This workshop seeks to break open the most important questions when it comes to worship music ministry.
How do we begin to incorporate music into our youth ministry?
Who do we allow into our band?
How do you not sound like every other worship band?
How do we keep God at the centre?
If you’ve been having similar questions, tune into; from music ministry to worship ministry

Speaker Bio

Emma Fradd had her first tangible experience of God 12 years ago after spending 5 years of calling herself an Atheist. Embracing my Catholic faith, she lived in 3 different countries working in youth and music ministry, as well as pursuing her own music career with 8 national tours in Canada, England, and Australia. A game changer for Emma’s personal faith life was serving 2 mission years with NET Ministries, where she grew closer to Jesus in a way that hasn’t been able to come undone, yet! Emma has a deep love for leading worship ministry through music and building up others to do the same. Emma currently works for Evangelisation Brisbane in the Arch Diocese in youth and music ministry.


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