Real World Evangelisation

Workshop Description

Evangelisation is the part of the mission of the Church, but how do we evangelise young people effectively in a fast, ever changing society? In this workshop we will discuss our call, and the key elements we need to evangelise effectively in our current culture, just as effectively as St. Andrew did in Matthew 4 in his time.

Speaker Bio

Kym Keady is currently the Director of Ignite Youth and has been working in youth ministry for over 25 years. As a counsellor, youth worker, author and inspirational speaker, Kym draws on her experience of working in the Church, helping leaders, young people, women and parents realise their potential and worth. She has worked in a variety of settings like parish, school, retreat ministry and ecclesial movements in the areas of youth ministry, pastoral care, event planning, leadership development, and women’s formation. She is also co-founder of Real Talk Australia, part of the Senior Leadership Team for Emmanuel Community, Brisbane and has recently finished her post graduate studies in theology. Kym is married to Patrick and a mother to three young adult children and a son in law. Despite her achievements and passion for ministry, Kym’s heart is most at home with her children, the three people she knows she will profoundly affect like no other audience she will ever have the honour of speaking to.


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