Leading Young People in Worship

Workshop Description

This generation of youth are living in a noise-saturated culture, so it’s more important than ever than young people engage with the Truth in music. Hear thought-provoking ideas and practical tips on how to lead young people in worship, from choosing set lists, combating anxiety through worship, hand signals for music teams to use and understanding what a ‘sacrifice of praise’ really looks like in reality.

Speaker Bio

Jessica is a proud Kiwi currently living in Perth, Australia. She was the Music Ministry Coordinator with the Catholic Youth Team for three years before moving to Aus with a team of nuns & youth ministers for a year, leading worship in all kinds of different scenarios from boarding school girls, teenage boys in a prison & five year olds on a remote island. Jess has recently graduated the first of three years of study in California through Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, where she is pursuing further ministry and worship development. Jessica is a big fan of dogs, has a low tolerance for spicy food and somehow convinced the bishop to let her have two confirmation saints (Cecilia & Rose).


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