How to Make Pressed Flower Frames

Workshop Description

Creative Tutorial by Carmela for the #CYTquaranTeam initiative done during COVID-19 Lockdown in New Zealand, is a fun, easy and entertaining tutorial. Making pressed flower frames is a creative and easy thing anyone can do! Check it out and have fun!

Speaker Bio

Carmela Nepomuceno has a Degree in Fine Arts through the University of Auckland (Elam). She has extensive experience in youth ministry and event planning as the Events Coordinator for the Catholic Youth Team of the Christchurch Diocese and her leadership in serving for the family ministry of CFC Youth for Christ. She is a Catholic speaker and creative with a heart for women, creative arts and delving deep in the mystery of the sacraments. She is passionate about pointing to the truth, goodness and beauty found in ourselves, our relationships and our gifts, by seeing God as the centre of it all.

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