Building Community

Workshop Description

We hear about how we are made for Relationship (with God and others) but we all know that relationships can be hard work! Some of us may have fruitful experiences from Ministry/Community while others may have been hurt or feel tired and burnt out. In this session, we will be sharing about CYAC’s journey over the last 3 years and the many ways in which we have grown. We are still learning as we go and grow and will be sharing our experiences about:
1) The Heart of Community and why it is important
2) Common challenges of building community and how to overcome them
3) Practical aspects on how to build community (Eg social media, events, practices)

Speaker Bio

The Auckland Catholic Young Adults Community (CYAC) is a growing community of young adults who meet up weekly to journey together to grow in Faith, Knowledge and Community. They do this through a variety of sessions which can include listening to speakers, watching videos, engaging in discussions and debates, prayer and reflection. CYAC was formed in March 2017 and started out with a handful of Catholic young working adults looking for Community. Over the years, their community has grown and continue to journey with each other building on our 3 pillars – Faith, Knowledge and Community.

Valerie Yeong is one out of four in the leadership team. She is the reflective thinker that leads the sessions and discussions. Originally from Singapore, CYAC has played a pivotal role in her own personal and faith journey. Her background as a Physiotherapist has taught her that everyone has a story to tell and that it is a privilege to be able to encounter and accompany others on their journeys.


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