Work Life Balance

Workshop Description

Work and Life, can you tell the difference? This workshop will look at how easy it is for work and life to become so blurred that trying to balance it becomes an impossible task. After unpacking this, we will work through practical ways to find balance which includes building resilience against “guilt’ from not doing enough.

Speaker Bio

Riki Welsh is Niuean Samoan born and raised in Christchurch. After attending schools in East Christchurch he began studying at the University of Canterbury (UC) and finished his undergraduate studies in Political Science. He began working at UC and since 2016 has led the operations of the Pacific Development Team creating a number of initiatives to improve educational outcomes of the approximate 500 Pasifika students at UC. Whilst doing so, Riki is currently working towards a Master in Business Administration which has helped give insight into the need to balance not only his own work, but to ensure he is balancing the work of those who report to him. Outside of UC Riki is involved in a number of projects which revolve around Mental Health, Political Advocacy, and Community Engagement.

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