Significance of Mentoring

Workshop Description

It can be hard walking alone. There is a lot of comfort and security in walking together with someone, and it can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Finding a spiritual mentor, someone who shows evidence of a certain maturity in their faith, can be invaluable. Jesus himself modelled spiritual mentorship. This workshop will unpack the basics of what mentoring is, why is it important in our faith life, the process for selecting mentors, and some examples of how mentoring can be implemented both informally and formally in our communities.

Speaker Bio

Carly is on the pastoral staff at St Peter Chanel Parish in Waimakariri. She has a passion for sharing God’s love with others and is currently running the Alpha programme with a great team of evangelists. Carly became a Christian while studying at university in Japan. She has had many mentors since then, all of whom have encouraged her to go ever deeper in relationship with God and to use her God given gifts and talents.

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