Safeguarding with Young People

Workshop Description

Safeguarding is foundational to any setting. Within our church and ministries, safeguarding needs to be a priority to ensure the safety of our young people, our volunteers, our parish and ourselves! This Workshops provides an insight into: what is safeguarding, why we need it, what does it look like in our group and how to ensure a culture of Safeguarding is embedded in the environments we come together in.

Speaker Bio

Clodagh Ward is the Safeguard Officer for the Christchurch Diocese. Her role in the Diocese is to ensure that effective Safeguard Measures are in place for all parishes and any Catholic Group or Organisation within the Christchurch Diocese which extends to Timaru, Greymouth and Ashburton.

Sam Sivertsen is the Music Ministry Coordinator for the Catholic Youth Team. She is extremely passionate about the safety and care of individuals and wanting to promote a safe and positive culture within our ministries.

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