Encountering Young People in the Present Moment

Workshop Description

What does it mean to be fully engaged with young people, and what’s the point of making sure we’re ministering in the present moment? This workshop seeks to answer these questions by exploring some of the benefits of encountering young people where they are, in the “here and now.” In an informal way, it considers the spiritual foundations of “being present,” and outlines some practical strategies for improving our attentiveness, both with individuals and with groups.

Speaker Bio

“Have you ever wondered what the child of Ed Sheeran and Jack Black would look like? Well, look no further!” Mark Bond is a 30-year-old, half-American half-New Zealander who enjoys reading, philosophy, relational ministry, good food, and watching the first five minutes of random shows on Netflix. Numbers are NOT his thing, so he has spent the last three years writing his PhD in English Literature and doing odd bits of lecturing and research at the University of Auckland. He is currently discerning a vocation to the priesthood for the Diocese of Auckland.



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