Dealing with Youth Struggles: Sexual Culture

Workshop Description

At the core of every person is a deep desire for authentic love and relationships. Despite this desire, with the modern sexualisation of culture and the challenges of the digital world, it has never been harder for young people to navigate relationships. In this workshop, Sam shares his insights as a professional who speaks to thousands of teenagers every year on topics including sex, love and relationships. You’ll be equipped with time-tested tips on how to help your young people navigate the sexual culture they’re living in.

Speaker Bio

Sam is the Coordinator of Real Talk New Zealand and has a degrees in Theology and Law. In this role, he speaks to thousands of teenagers every year on the topics of love, sex and relationships. In addition to his work with Real Talk, Sam is also a passionate writer on the topics of faith, relationships and intentional living. His articles have been published by RELEVANT Magazine, Lifeteen and Chastity Project.


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