Dealing with Youth Struggles: Pornography

Workshop Description

Pornography is shaping the thoughts and relationships of todays youth. But the question is, “What are we doing and are we doing enough?” This talk will address the issue of pornography and demonstrate its devastating effects on young people. We will ask the question, “What does it mean for us as Christians?” and give practical tips for you and those you work with on how to deal with a pornography habit.

Speaker Bio

Paul is the Managing Director of Real Talk International and has a passion for seeing people fulfill their potential in Christ. He has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and postgraduate qualifications in Sexual Health and Theology (Marriage and Family). He is married to Emma and they have five beautiful children. In 2014, as part of the Catholic Leader Community Leader Awards, Paul was awarded the Professional Leader of the Year. Paul has produced two video resources “Pornography, Love and Relationships” and “Relationships: Dating, Sex and Marriage”. He recently cofounded the “Pornfree Movement” which is reaching tens-of-thousands of people each week. Paul uses his powerful life story and builds on fifteen years youth ministry experience to present a life-changing message on a variety of topics to thousands of people each year.


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