Creating Sustainable Youth Ministry

Workshop Description We all desire to have the best, most effective youth ministry in our parishes but there seem to be so many elements that can effect this outcome. We know two parishes with similar population dynamics and attendance numbers and finance can have radically different outcomes from their Parish youth ministry programmes. So why […]

Music Ministry to Worship Ministry

Workshop Description This workshop seeks to break open the most important questions when it comes to worship music ministry. How do we begin to incorporate music into our youth ministry? Who do we allow into our band?How do you not sound like every other worship band? How do we keep God at the centre? If […]

Moving with the Times – Relating to Young People through Mainstream Waves

Workshop Description This workshop hopes to empower and enhance the relational skills you already have, and/ or is currently acquiring. This workshop will highlight how and why we should tap in to ‘move with the times’, and the importance of meeting our young people where they are in terms of ever-changing trends, lingos, social platforms, […]

Mission and Vision

Workshop Description Is there a difference between Vision and Mission? What is the purpose of Vision and Mission Statements? How can we utilise Vision and Mission in our ministry with young people? This workshop looks at how we can apply the Vision and Mission of our parishes (and Church) to our ministry with young people. […]

Engaging with Pasifika Youth and Diverse Communities

Workshop Description In this workshop you will hear of the importance and power of understanding and utilizing cultural diversity in programmes, events and in your own community. You will learn some tips on engaging Pasifika young people and some good practices when engaging diverse communities. Speaker Bio Viane Makalio currently works as the Pacific Engagement […]

Vibrant Parishes

Workshop Description So, what is a ‘vibrant’ parish? Recent research in the United states gives us some of the markers of an ‘alive’ parish. In this short workshop we discuss what those markers are, and how, as young people, you might contribute to the renewal of your own parish. Speaker Bio Fr John Adams is […]

Networking – Connecting with your Community and Diocese

Workshop Description Why is networking vital in growing a healthy and sustainable youth ministry. It is important in finding inspiration, being held accountable, forming teams, and raising the village to impact our kids. Some examples of important Networking areas that will be addressed are of course the Parish community, the broader Catholic Community, the Broader […]

Building Community

Workshop Description We hear about how we are made for Relationship (with God and others) but we all know that relationships can be hard work! Some of us may have fruitful experiences from Ministry/Community while others may have been hurt or feel tired and burnt out. In this session, we will be sharing about CYAC’s […]

Pastoral Care: Fundamental for Caring for Youth

Workshop Description Now, more than ever Pastoral Care is a vital need of any ministry with young people. Adolescent years have always been physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually challenging period in a young person’s live. The socio-economic pressures of today has increased the complexity of the needs of a young person. In this workshop, Sinéad […]