Investing and Caring for Young Leaders

Workshop Description This workshop will cover the importance of investing and caring for young leaders to create and foster a sustainable youth ministry, as well as some practical tips on how to make this happen. Speaker Bio Kaelyn Graham is currently the Youth & Young Adults Coordinator for the Catholic Parish of Christchurch North, New […]

Real World Evangelisation

Workshop Description Evangelisation is the part of the mission of the Church, but how do we evangelise young people effectively in a fast, ever changing society? In this workshop we will discuss our call, and the key elements we need to evangelise effectively in our current culture, just as effectively as St. Andrew did in […]

Discipleship: Literally your Job Description

Workshop Description “Go therefore and make disciples…” This is called the ‘Great Commission’ and it’s the job description of every baptised person. This workshop aims to break discipleship down to its most basic ideas so that we can see what it’s really meant to be about. Along the way we’ll look at how to be […]