Unpacking Christus Vivit

Workshop Description

What is Christus Vivit? Purpose and context of this document. Basic overview/ main points covered in Christus Vivit. A reflection on how we can allow Christus vivit to weave into the heart of our ministry.

Speaker Bio

Joey currently works as the Programme Leader for the Auckland Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team (ACYM). He has had extensive experience in youth ministry, initially being exposed through a faith community called Couples for Christ (Youth for Christ and Singles for Christ) and serving there for 13 years before joining the Auckland Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team in 2013. He is passionate in the topics of leadership development and missionary discipleship.Outside ministry Joey enjoys spending time with the love of his life Denisse, their little baby Noah and their dog Eze.


The Auckland Catholic Youth Ministry Team (ACYM) is part of the Auckland Diocese Pastoral Services Group. Their goal is to support young people and those in ministry as they continue leading those they serve closer to the heart of Christ. They minister, accompany and provide support to leaders of parishes, community youth and young adult groups. They encourage and support effective programmes that engage, equip and empower youth to become active and committed members of the Catholic Church.

See more about ACYM: www.akyouth.org.nz/


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