The Power of Your Story

Workshop Description

This workshop will be unpacking the importance of knowing your story and your journey to Christ, and why our experiences are so pivotal to people’s encounter of Christ in today’s world. We will also hear some tips for sharing your story, anywhere, anytime.

“How to give a Testimony” Workshop is under Practical Sessions

Speaker Bio

Talia Steiner is a passionate and exuberant young adult and was brought up in a Catholic whānau in the North Island of New Zealand but has been living in Christchurch for 3 years. Talia has a Bachelor of Teaching Degree and was a part of Mission Team in 2017. She then became the Mission Team Coordinator for the Catholic Youth Team from 2018 – 2020. She is passionate about intentional community building, supporting young adults and initiative, and sharing your testimony and the power it has in leading others to a deeper encounter.

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