Living Faith Creatively

Workshop Description

Calling all creatives and individuals who wish to start being creative with their expression of faith. This workshop is for creatives who wish to learn how to use their gifts for his glory. We are all called to be co-creators with God and in this workshop you will learn practical ways in which you can foster your gifts in living your faith creatively in the modern world.

Speaker Bio

Harmony Miller is an Abstract Artist and Designer from Melbourne, Australia. She founded her small business ‘hrmn designs’ (pronounced har-man) in 2019. She has been an artist since she could pick up a pencil and claims to be a creative soul on the pursuit to greatness through faith. Most of her work is inspired by her relationship with God. Along with being an artist Harmony has worked in youth ministry for the past 5 years and has a passion to inspire others to be their best selves through discovering their God-given purpose to love through everything that they do.

You can find her work on Instagram @hrmndesigns

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