Health and Safety

Workshop Description As a parent when I am bringing my family or members of my family to be part of a group or activity I expect it to be safe. I will do everything I can to ensure it is safe. As a Youth Worker and volunteer in my community I want myself and all […]

Work Life Balance

Workshop Description Work and Life, can you tell the difference? This workshop will look at how easy it is for work and life to become so blurred that trying to balance it becomes an impossible task. After unpacking this, we will work through practical ways to find balance which includes building resilience against “guilt’ from […]

Self-Care: How to Avoid Burn Out

Workshop Description If you are going to be of used to others you first have to know how to look after yourself. As every flight attendant will tell you: “Please fit your own mask before helping others”. What many people don’t realise, is that self-care is not simply about finding ways to de-stress after a […]

Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa

Workshop Description This workshop is light overview of The Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa New Zealand which defines key values and standards for youth workers in Aotearoa New Zealand. Developed around the six principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa. We will go over these principles be better better able to do […]

Safeguarding with Young People

Workshop Description Safeguarding is foundational to any setting. Within our church and ministries, safeguarding needs to be a priority to ensure the safety of our young people, our volunteers, our parish and ourselves! This Workshops provides an insight into: what is safeguarding, why we need it, what does it look like in our group and […]

Professional Standards for Youth Work

Workshop Description An introduction to the Code of Ethics for Youth Workers in Aotearoa, how this links with other key documents, and how you can use it to become accountable for your practice. Speaker Bio Penny Prescott is the Manager of the Canterbury Youth Workers Collective, an organisation which supports youth development workers and youth […]

Importance of Supervision

Workshop Description Supervision is so important to keep us working well in ministry. Experience doesn’t necessarily make us more effective; it just makes us faster at doing what we do. To improve in our work, we need a safe space to reflect on what we do. In this workshop learn how supervision looks after your […]

Strength Based Approach

Workshop Description Even though “strengths-based” is a familiar term among youth workers, we can often be confused about what the kaupapa actually is and how we know we’re practicing in a way that enhances the mana of young people and their whānau. This session will:1) Briefly summarise and redefine ”strengths-based” practice 2) Build upon your […]

Significance of Mentoring

Workshop Description It can be hard walking alone. There is a lot of comfort and security in walking together with someone, and it can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Finding a spiritual mentor, someone who shows evidence of a certain maturity in their faith, can be invaluable. Jesus himself modelled spiritual mentorship. This […]