Choosing Music in Liturgy

Workshop Description

Putting together a repertoire of hymns and pieces for liturgy requires taking into consideration many important factors. As liturgists and pastoral musicians, we must ensure that our selections are both appropriate for the liturgy and within our musical capabilities – whilst enticing for participation from the congregation. This workshop will highlight practical steps on how to collate a set list of songs for liturgy by exploring the sung parts of the mass, liturgical seasons and musical arrangements.

Speaker Bio

Randall is the Coordinator of Liturgical Music at the Catholic church of St. Joseph’s Parish Takapuna, where he has served as a cantor, pianist and organist all the way from the age of 16. He is currently completing a conjoint degree: Bachelor of Music in Popular Music and Bachelor of Commerce in Commercial Law & International Business at the University of Auckland. He also serves as part of the core team that runs Life Teen at St. Joseph’s.

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