Working with the Spirit – Avoiding Spiritual Burn Out

Workshop Description In this workshop we identify what spiritual burnout is, and how it can be avoided in ministry. We explore what it means to co-labour with Christ in the service of others. Speaker Bio Fr Allan Jones SM is a Marist Priest who hails from Christchurch Diocese. He the Priest at St Bede’s College […]

Encountering Young People in the Present Moment

Workshop Description What does it mean to be fully engaged with young people, and what’s the point of making sure we’re ministering in the present moment? This workshop seeks to answer these questions by exploring some of the benefits of encountering young people where they are, in the “here and now.” In an informal way, […]

Men’s Session: Man Up for God

Workshop Description This workshop will examine the key challenges facing young men today. It will take a good hard look at real life for young men, and give some pointers on how to take on these challenges so that, with God’s help, we can truly be men of God! Speaker Bio Peter Holmes is a […]

Knowing What We Know: Young People Mental Health and Addictions

Workshop Description Knowing what we can draw on, which sources to trust and how to get help for the young people we care so much about can be very difficult especially in the context of mental health and addictions. In this workshop we will explore some initial answers to support you do what you do […]

Dealing with Youth Struggles: Living Counter Culturally

Workshop Description How to support our youth with daily struggles in today’s world. This talk will give practical tips for youth workers on how to establish a relationship with young adults, build a virtuous life, and how to build confidence to live counter culturally. Speaker Bio Lorena Abrego is currently residing in Laredo, Texas bordertown […]

Dealing with Youth Struggles: Engaging the LGBTQIA+ Community

Workshop Description A pastoral reflection for those working with LGBTQIA+ Catholics Speaker Bio Fr John is a priest of the Diocese of Christchurch. He is currently working in Auckland as the Acting Director of the National Liturgy Office. He is also the author of the Food for Faith website.

Dealing with Youth Struggles: Sexual Culture

Workshop Description At the core of every person is a deep desire for authentic love and relationships. Despite this desire, with the modern sexualisation of culture and the challenges of the digital world, it has never been harder for young people to navigate relationships. In this workshop, Sam shares his insights as a professional who […]

Dealing with Youth Struggles: Anxiety

Workshop Description This workshop will look at experiences of anxiety in our young people and how to support them through this. The effects of trauma; knowing when and who to refer to; and some basic techniques will also be offered. Speaker Bio Caitlin is completing her Bachelor in Counselling and has worked in the drug […]

Dealing with Youth Struggles: Pornography

Workshop Description Pornography is shaping the thoughts and relationships of todays youth. But the question is, “What are we doing and are we doing enough?” This talk will address the issue of pornography and demonstrate its devastating effects on young people. We will ask the question, “What does it mean for us as Christians?” and […]

Understanding and Listening to our Young People

Workshop Description Everyone thinks they are a great listener until they learn what listening is. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – S. Covey. In this workshop, we learn different types of listening as well as the importance and place of questions. Learn how […]