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How to Make Pressed Flower Frames

Workshop Description Creative Tutorial by Carmela for the #CYTquaranTeam initiative done during COVID-19 Lockdown in New Zealand, is a fun, easy and entertaining tutorial. Making pressed flower frames is a creative and easy thing anyone can do! Check it out and have fun! Speaker Bio Carmela Nepomuceno has a Degree in Fine Arts through the […]

Creating Sustainable Youth Ministry

Workshop Description We all desire to have the best, most effective youth ministry in our parishes but there seem to be so many elements that can effect this outcome. We know two parishes with similar population dynamics and attendance numbers and finance can have radically different outcomes from their Parish youth ministry programmes. So why […]

Christus Vivit – Christ is Alive: A Message of God’s love for Young People

Workshop Description ‘Christus Vivit’ – Christ is Alive is a message of God’s love for young people. It illustrates the Spirit of the Church in her commitment and serious consideration in looking after young people not as an optional task, but as an integral part of her vocation and mission in history. Just as our […]

Dance Tutorial

Workshop Description A fun dance tutorial for those who are wanting to take a break, move their bodies and dance! Come learn something new and challenge yourself! Speaker Bio Robb Bautista is a passionate young adult from Christchurch, originally from the Philippines. He is a part of Zion Dance Academy and found his love for […]

Oil Painting: Portrait of Della

Workshop Description This portrait took and hour and a half hours to paint working in a wet on wet process. Marion goes through steps of layering colours and mixing them to model the face. She work with three sizes of brushes, but wanted to try keep the painting loose by not using the smaller brushes […]

Making Music

Workshop Description Making music is fun! But… a lot of the time it seems daunting and overwhelming, but in all honesty it doesn’t have to be! If you’ve ever wondered what making music is actually like this is the workshop for you! Speaker Bio Tommy Francisco is a musician from Sydney, Australia.He has been playing […]

Worship Session

Workshop Description Manna Home Worship Night hosted by Mission Team 2020 with young people.

Living Faith Creatively

Workshop Description Calling all creatives and individuals who wish to start being creative with their expression of faith. This workshop is for creatives who wish to learn how to use their gifts for his glory. We are all called to be co-creators with God and in this workshop you will learn practical ways in which […]

Beauty in Being

Workshop Description Introduction to some philosophical ideas behind beauty, creativity, and their application in ministry and creative projects. Understanding of these ideas can help to build a solid foundation for projects and are a guide for the direction and goal. They can be applied to projects in various forms such as design, painting, interior decoration. […]