Reaching Young People through Music

Workshop Description Music has the power to move us and touch our hearts. This workshop is about using music to reach into the hearts of young people and draw them to God. Fr Chris will show you how you can take your own prayer life and relationship with God and use music to communicate the […]

Vocations and Young People

Workshop Description This workshop explores what our primary call is, how to uncover what our specific call may be and examples of those in Isaac’s own journey. Speaker Bio Isaac is currently in his sixth year in being a seminarian for the Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand, with his awaiting ordination to the Holy Order […]

Unpacking Christus Vivit

Workshop Description What is Christus Vivit? Purpose and context of this document. Basic overview/ main points covered in Christus Vivit. A reflection on how we can allow Christus vivit to weave into the heart of our ministry. Speaker Bio Joey currently works as the Programme Leader for the Auckland Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry […]

Theology of the Body

Workshop Description “The human body includes right from the beginning… the capacity of expressing love, that love in which the person becomes a gift – and by means of this gift – fulfils the meaning of his being and existence.”- St. John Paul II In this workshop we expound St John Paul II’s life giving […]

What’s the Word (Scripture)

Workshop Description A devotion to Scripture is a non-negotiable in the life of the disciple, and it should not be in the life of a minister either. In this workshop we are diving in the Word, why it’s important, and how to build your prayer life and ministry on its foundation. Speaker Bio Jil is […]

What’s the deal with the Holy Spirit?

Workshop Description This workshop will look at Who is the Holy Spirit? Why is the Holy Spirit relevant to me? What is Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts and how does it fit into living my Catholic faith. We will look at their purpose, how to receive and identify them and use […]

Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

Workshop Description In this workshop Olivia explains what intercession is, why it is important in youth ministry, and the reality of spiritual warfare in our daily lives, particularly in ministry. Olivia shares tips, tools and encouragement on how to incorporate intercession into you ministry, how to increase your spiritual awareness, as well as how to […]

The Power of Your Story

Workshop Description This workshop will be unpacking the importance of knowing your story and your journey to Christ, and why our experiences are so pivotal to people’s encounter of Christ in today’s world. We will also hear some tips for sharing your story, anywhere, anytime. “How to give a Testimony” Workshop is under Practical Sessions […]

Importance of Prayer

Workshop Description Why prayer is the most important part of your youth ministry, and how to introduce young people to their own personal prayer life! Speaker Bio Phoebe Bryant is currently halfway through her year of mission with NET Ministries Australia. She is a passionate young adult who has worked in youth and young adult […]