Leading Young People in Worship

Workshop Description This generation of youth are living in a noise-saturated culture, so it’s more important than ever than young people engage with the Truth in music. Hear thought-provoking ideas and practical tips on how to lead young people in worship, from choosing set lists, combating anxiety through worship, hand signals for music teams to […]

How to give a Testimony

Workshop Description This workshop will assist in giving practical tips in being able to share your testimony in an effective way. Speaker Bio Talia Steiner is a passionate and exuberant young adult and was brought up in a Catholic whānau in the North Island of New Zealand but has been living in Christchurch for 3 […]

How to give a Talk

Workshop Description How can we prepare, practice and deliver a great talk? This workshop will give keys to unlocking your speaking style, help you find ways to connect with any audience, and give some practical tips to make your next talk your greatest! Speaker Bio Thom Saywell is a Project Manager at the Diocese of […]

Choosing Music in Liturgy

Workshop Description Putting together a repertoire of hymns and pieces for liturgy requires taking into consideration many important factors. As liturgists and pastoral musicians, we must ensure that our selections are both appropriate for the liturgy and within our musical capabilities – whilst enticing for participation from the congregation. This workshop will highlight practical steps […]

Music – Copyright

Workshop Description This workshop delves into the wonderful world of copyright to show you how easy it is to be compliant. We talk about what copyright is, when you need to be covered, what you need to be compliant and how to display that compliance. This is for anyone who plays music in a parish, […]

Importance of our Spaces and Environment

Workshop Description This workshop explores the importance of our spaces and in creating them for others. By unpacking what St Irenaeus’ said on “The glory of God is in man fully alive!” through our surroundings, we delve deeper in how we can unite our senses for a greater experience of Christ Speaker Bio Carmela Nepomuceno […]

Engaging Social Media Ministry

Workshop Description Learn how Social Media is key in our ministries for both outreach and engagement, and learn practical tips on how to have an effective and active social media presence within our ministry, and how social media is beyond simply promoting events and making announcements. Speaker Bio Gelina has been a professional digital media […]

Intentional Games and Activities

Workshop Description This workshop unpacks why it is important to have games and activities for ministry events, and why they should be intentional and relate to certain themes for our ministry. Speaker Bio The Mission Team is a dynamic Catholic Youth Ministry Team whose mission is to ‘Proclaim the Gospel to Youth and Young Adults […]