Youth Ministry on the frontline is hard. There’s not enough time, there’s not enough money, there’s not enough volunteers and when the Young People do come, sometimes nothing seems to go right. And no matter who you talk to in your Parish or community, no-one seems to get it.

We get it. 

We get it because we’ve been there. And we’re here to help.  


Equip aims to empower anyone involved in Ministry with Young People with the practical skills required to do Ministry in Parishes, Schools and other Faith Communities. 

Format: Equip always begin with food before an expert presenter (or a group) runs a session on a key skill in Youth Ministry. Past topics have included Relational Ministry, Small Groups and Running Games/Activities just to name a few! These nights are engaging, relevant and always no longer than an hour! 

When: Equip is held four times per year – once each term – and usually on a weekday evening. 

Who: Everyone! And we mean everyone. Youth Ministers, Priests, Chaplains, DRSs, Teachers, Volunteers, Musicians, Parents, Pastoral Staff and Student Leaders are all welcome to join us. Each session is designed to be accessible for everyone from the most experienced to the least! 


The life and work of a Youth Minister is like no other. But Youth Ministry is a team sport and we need each other. And that’s what Connect is all about. 

Format: Unlike Equip, the format of Equip changes term to term. It can be a formal networking meeting or it could be social. It might be at our Offices or it might be at a bar or restaurant or even an activity. What doesn’t change is that it’s all about Youth Ministers getting together and connecting and networking to learn new ideas, share victories and frustrations and enjoy the company of their fellow workers in the vineyard.

.When: Connect is also held four times per year – once each term – and usually on a weekday evening.

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Equip and Connect are run by CYT Parish Support Co-ordinator Mark Currie – mcurrie@cdoc.nz 03 353 0705 (ext 2)


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