NET stands for National Evangelisation Teams. NET Ministries originated in Minnesota, USA and in 1988 was pioneered in Australia. For over 30 years NET has provided peer-to-peer youth ministry in schools, parishes and universities across Australia and New Zealand. Each year, NET recruits and trains teams of young adults from around the world aged 18-30 who volunteer a year of their lives to share their experience of Jesus and to serve the Church. These volunteers, Netters, receive five weeks of intensive training led by experienced and qualified staff. They receive formation in prayer, Scripture, theology, Catholic spirituality, evangelisation, liturgy, ministry skills and Christian community living.
NET supports local youth ministry by:
  • Running Encounter Days (Retreats) for schools and/or parishes.
  • Encouraging those in schools to connect with their faith life and with their parish communities.
  • Visiting and assisting in school classes and ministering to the students.
  • Helping young people develop ministry leadership skills.
  • Running and/or supporting youth groups.
  • Running and/or supporting local youth ministry events/camps.
  • Being a ministry presence and/or speaking at events.



Every year we need committed Young people to join the mission of NET Ministries – Has God Called you to be one of them?

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