1 What age are Mission Team Members?

Mission Team members must have completed High School and so are usually at least 18 years of age and because this is a peer-to-peer ministry we have an age limit of 29 years.

2 What is the process for applying for team?

The first step to joining Mission Team is to complete our online application, from there you will be asked to email through your Cover Letter and C.V. Once we receive your full application we will consider it, pray about it, usually we will organize an interview with you and then follow up with your referees. You will then hear back from us within a matter of weeks confirming whether you have been accepted onto team. You can contact the Mission Team Coordinator with any questions you may have during this process.

3 Do you accept overseas missionaries?

Yes, we do. Things are easier for people from some countries than others. For example, because of our countries work and health agreements with Australia it is easier for someone to apply to be part of our ministry team from Australia. For other countries it does get more complex and there will be other costs to consider but please do not let this stop you from applying for team if you feel called.

4 How long do I serve on Mission Team?

Mission Team members spend the first six weeks in a training programme and then serve on Team for 11 months, so you will be on team for almost a full year. Towards the end of their year on Mission Team, team members may discern and apply for a second year on team.

5 Do I have to fundraise?

Although our Mission Team is blessed to be supported by the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, we do ask that Team Members fundraise $3,000 which contributes towards the cost of training and supporting them for their year of ministry.

6 Do we get breaks during our year on Mission Team?

The year on Mission Team is a very busy and full one. There is a great need for young missionaries to proclaim the gospel, so this means our team are in constant demand. However, we try to balance this need against the pastoral needs of our Team members and ensure that they get regular breaks as a team and as individuals. Every team member gets a one-week break over Easter and another two-week break in July, during the school holidays. Any other time needing to be spent away from Mission Team, will need to be negotiated well in advanced with a maximum of three days.

7 What costs does the Diocese cover?

We appreciate that our young people are making a huge commitment in giving a year of their time to serve the Lord and our young people, so we recognize this by covering most of the day-to-day costs while they are on team. This includes food and groceries, accommodation, training and resource costs, all ministry related expenses and basic health care costs. We do not cover serious health expenses and especially not those for pre-existing conditions. All team members are given a small stipend each fortnight for personal items. We provide team members with a basic uniform for special events however team members need to provide their own appropriate clothing for most circumstances.

8 What support do you give to Mission Team members?

We have already covered the financial and physical support; however, we also ensure that our team members have great pastoral, spiritual and emotional support. Our Manager, Mission Team Coordinator and Supervisor are staff members who give direct support to team members; however, all our Catholic Youth Team staff are here to support team members in various ways. We have a priest who is the Team Chaplain who gives monthly spiritual input, formation, and support for the team. The team members also have a mentor assigned to journey with them throughout the year. If during the year a team member has spiritual or pastoral needs that are greater than the ability of our team to manage, we have strong connections with other individuals and organizations to help manage such situations.

9 Is Mission Team Christian / Catholic?

Yes, to both these questions. Mission Team is a part of the Catholic Youth Team whose mission is to share the Good News of the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ with the young people of New Zealand and help them to explore faith and life issues. The Sacraments are a key part of team life and of its ministry.

10 What does Mission Team do?

Continuing from what is stated above. After training, the Mission Team travels throughout the Diocese of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand and occasionally to other parts of the country to proclaim the Gospel to young people through peer-to-peer ministry. They do this is various ways, through talks, dramas, music, and lots of other fun activities. The team run and assist with retreats, youth events, camps, reflection sessions, youth groups, sacramental programmes, and social justice activities.

11 Where do we live?

Mission team members live together as a team in a Catholic Community House. All team members must live by a very specific code of conduct and a Catholic/Christian lifestyle must be adhered to. The household and team members are closely supervised and supported by CYT staff. Occasionally when travelling throughout the Diocese team members are accommodated at other venues, sometimes this may include being billeted in pairs with local families.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Catholic Youth Team at cyt@cdoc.nz

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