Revolution Camp aims to inspire young people to revolutionize their life and the world through their relationship with Jesus Christ. This camp includes sessions, games, activities, Sacraments and fellowship in the hope that they may grow to be empowered in their own lives and to bring that revolution out into their communities.


Year 7-9






“Let no one look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity “


1 Tim 4:12


Revolution is a youth camp that targets students in years 7-9 to encounter Christ in a fun and dynamic way. The weekend away provides a space for young people to meet other young people, encounter through the Sacraments, prayer, worship and sessions, as well as in small groups and activities. During the weekend, we delve deeper through sessions what it means to have a revolution of love and why it’s important for us in our world today. 

The Diocese of Christchurch and the Catholic Youth Team have always been committed to making our Events and programmes places where young people, families, staff and volunteers can come and participate and / or leave young ones in our care with the assurance that they will be safe, secure, cared for and respected.

With this in mind we have carefully planned and implemented policies and procedures including:

Risk Assessment Management Systems;

Safeguarding policies;

Volunteer and staff police vetting, behavioural agreements, formation and training;

Trained First Aiders;

Pastoral Care teams.


If parents/ carers have any questions around our specific policies and procedures or safeguarding, you are most welcome to contact us for more specific details. 

Leaders are very important in the running of our youth camps, because of this we understand the importance of ensuring that they are well trained through formation that CYT provides in ministering to young people. Revolution Camp leaders are all police vetted beforehand. 

We have a range of leaders that stay on site. We have numerous CYT Staff that are always on site, including the Event Coordinator and Mission Team. Our volunteer leaders are also on site including our student leaders. parent help, as well as some religious or clergy (depending on their availability). 

When registering for Revolution Camp, the parent/caregiver is given a participants document alongside the confirmation email and information. In this document, it states that we encourage you to organize your own transport to and from the venue. However, we also understand that due to clashing schedules or limitations of transport some parents/caregivers are unable to bring their child/children to the venue. If this is the case, we simply ask you to email the Events Coordinator before the due date stated in the document and they will organize a ride for your child/children. They will then get in contact with you with regards to details and contacting the carpooling host for your child/children

If you are or have a youth coming from outside Christchurch, we are able to organize pick up and drop off from the airport for you and/or your group to the venue if you are struggling to find someone to pick you up from the airport. Again, please simply send an email to the Coordinator. 

The cost for Revolution Camp covers food, accommodation. Every year, we attempt to lower the price of our camps so they can be as affordable for our young people. However, we understand that there are some families that may not be able to cover the cost of the camp due to challenges. 

Some options we have with regards to help with funding are: 
1) Asking your respective schools for sponsorship. In previous years, we have had some generous schools sponsor students from their schools to attend our youth camps so we encourage your child/children to ask their schools first if they are able to. This helps keep them connected and supported by their schools to encounter and grow in their faith. This also allows the schools to be a main point of contact with regards to allowing their students to encounter more in our diocesan youth events. 

2) Asking your home parish and communities for sponsorship/ fundraising. This is a common tool our youth often do to help them get connected with their parishes. We have many generous parish communities that are always open to giving when they become made aware of your circumstances and the help needed to encounter. In doing this, your parish priest is able to support the young people in their parishes as well as promote the event to other young people who may not be aware of this event.

3) Should you really be struggling and are in need, CYT too are able to help sponsor young people and families who are in need due to financial challenges. We never want costs to be a hindrance for your child/children to be able to encounter Christ and others in our events therefore, we want to do our best to either be able to lower the cost for or help with sponsorship. 

Revolution Camp is open for all young people in years 7-9! You do not have to be Catholic or Christian to attend and have a good time with us. You also do not need to strictly only be from the Christchurch area or diocese to be able to attend and take part! Revolution is open for our young people to be able to have an encounter of joy and love in our events. We have had previous groups attend Revolution from Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington and Hamilton. 

Your packing and gear list for Revolution will be given out to the parent/caregiver and participant through email in the document ‘Participant Information.’ This has the extensive needs your child/children need to bring such as bedding, clothes, water bottle, toiletries, a bottle of soft drink and some baking, etc. 

Alongside this, it stated the contact numbers of the venue and the Coordinator should you need to contact the person in charge in cases of emergencies. 


For more information with regards to Youth Events contact Carmela.
03 353 0705 ext. 2

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