For over 30 years the Catholic Youth Team has been working with the young people of the Canterbury and West Coast regions. The CYT does a wonderful job of running dynamic and positive youth events and supporting local youth workers and volunteers but our vision and activities go well beyond this.

Our programmes help strengthen and transform young people and assist them with opportunities to build a lifelong resilience that comes with faith, hope, and love. We are working with others to build safe and healthy environments and communities where our youth and families/whanau can engage with positive peers and mentors who care genuinely about them and will walk with them on a lifelong journey. We offer young people support and resources that will see them through the toughest of times help them heal and be there to celebrate with them in the times of rejoicing.

For more details about our ministry and what your gift and prayer will be supporting please explore the pages of this website.


Thank you for considering your support of our Ministry with young people. With your help we can ensure that the Catholic Youth Team will always be there to support our young people and their whanau/families. Choosing to donate to CYT, or remembering us in your will, plays a very special role within our ministry by significantly contributing to making our ministry sustainable and successful, leaving a legacy of faith, hope and love for future generations. Your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

Thank you for considering your support of our Ministry with young people. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. If you wish to make a legacy gift for CYT please ensure you make your intentions clear to your loved ones and/or those who will act as executor of your estate. If you have a will or intend creating one you could use these words in preparing your Will or give this information to the legal advisor of your trust office to be included in your Will:

I give and bequeath to The Roman Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Diocesan Trust
(Charity No.CC33341) the following:

 (Here indicate a specific sum or other asset, or a portion of your estate, or the residual of your estate after other distributions are made.)
to be used at the Trustee’s discretion and express my wish for funds to be applied to support the Ministry and Programmes of the Catholic Youth Team of the Diocese of Christchurch and declare that the receipt of the Secretary of the said Trust shall be full and sufficient discharge for my Trustee/Executors.

One of the simplest but most important forms of support our team and our young people need is your prayer for the success of our ministry and for our young people and their families/whanau. We would really appreciate you adding us to your prayer list.
We welcome your prayers for the following intentions
• Local Youth Workers
• Our Mission Team and their work within our communities and schools.
• Our faith, our future Parish renewal

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