exalt music ministry exists to serve cyt’s events + the young people of the christchurch diocese through the music ministry.
What is exalt?
EXALT is a team of volunteer musicians who serve CYT and the Christchurch Diocese through music ministry at events, camps, Masses among many other things. The team primarily ministers through music to young people at diocesan events, but is occasionally invited to minister in other settings.
How can I get involved?
If you play an instrument and/or sing and have a passion for bringing people closer to Christ through music, we would love to hear from you! 
booking the exalt team
If you have a youth event and you are looking for support musically, you can contact Sam about booking an EXALT team, but the team’s first priority is serving the Catholic Youth Team in the Christchurch Diocese. Please be aware that the team’s schedule is booked a year in advance and so as much notice as possible is required. Each request will be taken into consideration prayerfully and with consideration to volunteers schedules and priorities.
Music ministry formation
As a team member, EXALT offers formation to musicians and technicians who have made a commitment to the ministry. For 2016 this was through Team Nights, from 2017 onwards Team Nights have been integrated into Frontline Discipleship Programme. This is a streamed formation programme which focuses on forming youth and young adults into intentional disciples, leaders and for EXALT Music Ministry members, develops them as worshipers. 

production team
We are blessed to have a specific Production Team to serve as a part of CYT’s Music Ministry. We have an awesome team of people serving for tech covering sound and lighting for events.
If this is something that interests you, get involved here! 

Sam Sivertsen
-music ministry coordinator-
For any inquiries with regards to Exalt Music Ministry or anything with regards to Music please get in contact with Sam:
Email:  ssivertsen@chch.catholic.org.nz   Phone: 03 353 0705 ext 5