Mission Team 2020 - Sophia, Gia, Soana, Melevesi

The Mission Team is a dynamic Catholic Youth Ministry Team whose mission is to ‘Proclaim the Gospel to Youth and Young Adults in the Diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand’. The Team explore life and faith issues with young people and invite them into a vibrant, lifelong relationship with Christ and His Church. They do this primarily by facilitating peer to peer ministry programmes including School and Parish retreats, as well as other regular events.   


Life on Mission Team begins with a 5 week intensive formation and training programme. During training, team members take time to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and his church and develop and strengthen their relationships with other team members. You are also trained in all the practical skills required to evangelize and share the Gospel. This includes instruction in prayer and scripture, faith formation, and practical youth ministry and retreat leadership skills. You will learn about community life and how to journey successfully together as a team.


After training the team continue to live life in an authentic Catholic community which is formed around their call to mission. Everyday time is spent in personal and corporate prayer, with regular opportunity for the sacraments, fellowship and spiritual direction.
As well as undertaking Youth Mission work in Christchurch City the team travels the length of the Diocese, engaging youth and young adults wherever they go. The general focus is on running dynamic retreats and youth events for high school students from Years 7-13 however the Mission Team is also involved in ministry for those outside of these age groups including families and young adults.


The Mission Team takes part in a full on and busy ministry schedule. The main ministry role is providing retreats in Catholic High Schools, the team plan, organize and implement each of the retreat programmes in the schools, after receiving their 6 weeks training at the beginning of the year. The ministry also involves planning and taking part in youth groups, community events and the Catholic Youth Team’s main three camps. It is an incredibly rewarding ministry to be a part of as a Mission Team member.



“Mission team provided the platform for me to be the person I needed when I was younger for our youth today. There is so much potential uprising in our youth every single day and I really wanted to get amongst this. To help them grow and flourish in their own time and being able to provide them the support they needed”. – Melevesi Mafile’o, Mission Team Member 2019.


What was the highlight of your day? “Trusting in others”. – Yr 10 Student.


“The Youth team was so, so nice and explained everything very well”. – Year 9 Student.


“It’s a good time to really think about yourself and your gift and things to improve.” – Yr 9 Student.

“Thanks so much to you and the team for all your good work in Hokitika. I have had a lot of really positive comments from staff, parents and the students. We love you guys! You are such a blessing to have in our school and community.” – Maria Lockington, St Mary’s Hokitika Parish.



Talia Steiner
Mission Team Coordinator
021 02979921


Olivia Frahm
Mission Team Supervisor