Our ministry Team

We are a faith filled team – the source of our ministry is Jesus Christ and we regularly seek Him through daily personal prayer, weekly reception of the Sacraments, and regular times of reflection and retreat. Every member of our team is committed to the evangelical mission that Jesus has entrusted to us:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”
(Matt 28:19, NRSV)

james bryant


maria boddington

Mission Team Coordinator
James is originally from Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science and worked in retail management before feeling called to youth ministry. James has over 18 years in Youth Ministry, working as part of a  a retreat team (NET Australia), Diocesan Youth Coordinator (Toowoomba Australia) . and in Parish Youth Ministry (Qld and Christchurch). He holds a graduate certificate in Youth Ministry from BBI in Australia. 
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Maria has served the Church in youth ministry for 12 years. By saying her yes to mission, she’s been blessed to share the Gospel in 28 countries around the world.
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viane makalio

Events Coordinator & Communications Coordinator

jessica claire bond

Music Ministry Coordinator & Communications Coordinator
Viane is a graduate of Mission Team 2013 and has previously worked for the Catholic Youth Team as the interim Youth Coordinator. He is a Trustee of the Pacific Youth Leadership And Transformation Council and is a part of the leadership team at St Teresa’s Youth Group.
Viane is the Events Coordinator for the Catholic Youth Team, assisting with all major events and camps CYT hosts, as well as supporting the office through administration and coordination through the Communications role.
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Jessica is the Music Ministry Coordinator for the CYT’s EXALT Music Ministry as well as a worship leader. She studied Music Performance at Canterbury University, has attended Ignite Conference in Brisbane twice and attended Worship University at Bethel Church in California.
She is also a Communications Coordinator for the Catholic Youth Team, focusing on promotion and evangelism through web and social media.
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sinead gilgunn

Youth Coordinator

delbert castillo

Parish Coordinator, Male Mission Team Supervisor & Communications Coordinator
Sinead joined the Catholic Youth Team in 2014. She has a Degree in Theology and a Masters in Pastoral Care. She has a wealth of experience in the areas of parish support, youth & young adult formation programmes, coordinating diocese events, and providing pastoral care to young people. Sinead is passionate about creating opportunities for young people to encounter and maintain a relationship with the Lord.
Sinead is currently on Maternity leave; returning to work in January 2018. You can contact Sandra Rajendran while Sinead is away.
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Delbert is a graduate of Mission Team 2013 and helped set up the flourishing St Teresa’s Youth Group. He filled the role of Music Coordinator at CYT in 2014 and returned in 2016 as the Parish Coordinator. He is a worship leader, is on the leadership team for EXALT Music Ministry and attended Ignite Youth Ministry Conference in Brisbane.
Delbert supports the men on Mission Team pastorally as well as supervising the team on retreats. He has a passion for seeing youth ministry grow in parishes, connecting in with people and promoting events and the Lord through media.

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aiber castillo

Female Mission Team Supervisor

Fr edwin colaco

Aiber is the Pastoral Parish Assistant at St Teresa’s Catholic Church and coordinates the thriving youth group at St Teresa’s. She runs Sisterhood (a women’s Catholic group) and is on the leadership team for Exalt Music Ministry.
Aiber provides pastoral care for the women on Mission Team as well as overseeing the team on retreats.
Fr Edwin Colaco is CYT’s chaplain. He is a Salesian priest and has worked with young people for nearly 25 years. Fr Edwin has been a youth director in many parishes and the Delegate at a national level for Salesian Youth, and has conducted various formation programmes for youth as well as formed youth groups in various parishes.

sandra Rajendran

Formation Coordinator & Young Adult Coordinator (Maternity Leave Position)

mission team

Full Time Volunteers
Peter, Liam, Talia, Samantha, Lauren, Theresa, Jack, Sam
Sandra graduated with a Diploma in Physiotherapy from Malaysia in 2011 and upon her graduation she worked as a physiotherapist for a year. In 2013 she attended the School of Witness with ICPE in Singapore. During this time she was a part of the core team for her youth and young adults group at Assumption Church, PJ, Malaysia from 2012-2014, and coordinated the media and publicity at the church. Sandra moved to Palmerston North, NZ in 2014, and after a time of prayer and discernment, she moved to Christchurch in 2016 to be a part of the vibrant and dynamic Catholic community here.
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Mission Team is a group of 8 young adult, full time volunteers. 
Inquiries around booking the Mission Team can be made to
Maria Boddington, Mission Team Coordinator:
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022 639 3658