Interested in being part of a dynamic Catholic Youth Ministry team?
CYT is a ministry to the young people of the Diocese of Christchurch and serves on behalf of the Bishop of Christchurch. CYT assists in sharing the Gospel with Young People through their joyful and inspiring ministry, drawing them into the Church’s Sacramental Life and preparing and empowering them for Mission as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are currently growing and strengthening our Diocesan Youth Ministries effectiveness. Unfortunately we do not have any positions vacant on our staff team. However we encourage people who may be interested in developing their skills and experience in Ministry with young people to get in contact with us. We welcome people to apply to get experience as a volunteer or for young adults our Mission Team may be a great opportunity for you to both grow your skill set and get wonderful hands on experience in Ministry. Click on the headings below to find out more details on each position. 

Want to take the first step into Youth Ministry? Have you considered Mission Team?  

Have you thought about volunteering for us?
CYT operates not only in our paid staff but most importantly within our community of volunteers. Our volunteers take part in leading camps, rallies, play instrument for music min and other services. If you think this interests you, click the link to find out more!